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Tax & Insurance Obligations

We can guide you through the employment process,  step by step….it’s really easy!

Workers Compensation Insurance

Parents, if you hire or engage the services of a Nanny and you are or will be paying out approx $7500 or more in wages, within a 12 month period to that individual, you will require a workers Comp Policy, or will need to adjust your current one accordingly.

Childcare Subsidy

Currently, Nannies or what is referred to as ‘registered care’ arrangements are not eligible for Childcare rebate or the new Childcare Subsidy.

For Permanent placements please click here to be directed to the ATO – Hiring a Domestic Worker page


Payroll and employer services can be provided upon request through the agency.

Nanny contract

Clients of Blue Ribbon Nannies, receive a comprehensive Nanny contract, upon placement