Agency Fees

Permanent Nannies –  Part & Full time

Upon placement, you have the choice of employing your Nanny or leaving the payroll to us, in which case your Nanny would be contracted to you*

Permanent Placement Fees

For clients who choose to engage a Nanny on a permanent or semi permanent basis, with a choice of carer.

1 Day Nanny: $990.00

2 or 3 Day Nanny:  $1450

4 or 5 Day Nanny: $1850

* Initial Job request fee of $150

Note: If your specified days increase within a 12-month time frame, additional fees will apply. If a Nanny’s tenure ends prematurely and a placement fee has not been received, a daily fee of $35 for all days worked is payable in lieu of a permanent fee

Please inquire as to the costings of contracting, in which case the above permanent placement fee schedule may not apply.

Temporary Placements

Less than 6 months

A daily booking fee of $35.00 payable once a carer is appointed to the assignment. Wages are paid directly to the Nanny by yourself.

All pricing, not inclusive of GST